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I spent part of the day last Saturday with my friend Mara at Urban Bazaar on 9th Avenue in San Francisco.  If you haven’t been yet you MUST put it on your list.  It is a cozy spot filled to the brim with fair trade and locally handmade gifts, and they have a wide variety of succulents and air plants too.  I’ll post more about my crush on Urban Bazaar in a later post.

We were there because Mara found a Succulent Terrarium Workshop being held there and she gave the class to me as a birthday gift.  You can find details about the next class on Sosh, my very favorite place to find all cool things and happenings in San Francisco (and other parts of the country).

As you know, I love succulents.  Mostly because they are super resilient and put up with my busy schedule but also because they are tropical and pretty and do well in Sausalito – it doesn’t hurt that they are vogue right now and fit in perfectly with most decor.

We took the hour and a half workshop with Brandi, one of the owners of Urban Bazaar and a succulent guru, and walked out with our very own cute little succulent terrariums!  I posted a series of photos above so you can see just how easy the project is.  All you need is a container, a small variety of succulents you like, cactus soil, sand and moss/rocks for top-dressing and you are all set!

Brandi’s knowledge of succulents was incredibly informative; she shared with us ways to propagate (I was amazed by this!) and care for our new babies.  The “Succulent Bar” in the garden area of Urban Bazaar encourages you to make your selections, get dirty planting and leave the mess there instead of doing this urban gardening at home.  It’s brilliant!

Brandi’s next workshop is on May 20th, or you can pop by anytime and make one on your own…tell her I sent you!


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I’m newly in-love with succulents!  My thumb is a pale shade of green; I fall madly in-love with many water-loving, sunlight-thriving creatures and some of them don’t make it very long in my care.  Succulents on the other-hand love to be left alone.  They are strong, independent, beautiful creatures — perfect for my pad in the Lito!


I took a quick pic of these cute little bud vase arrangements at Batter Bakery on Polk today, I love these for little nightstand arrangements or coffee table pick-ups, and they are perfect for each guest’s place setting at a wedding or party!

These succulents terrariums I shot at my friend Sandra’s house when I made a quick stop on my bike.  She promises to show me how easy it is to do this!

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From the moment I first stepped foot in the Palm Springs desert I was madly, crazily, in-love with everything Palm Springs!  And I mean, EVERYTHING.  I’ve been happily making monthly trips to this small, desert get-away since last July and each time I go I bring some inspiration home with me.


Today I wandered in and out of many shops located in the design district of Palm Springs.  I found a great group of shops with a common garden area.  Succulents, pots, shells…so much inspiration for my balcony garden in Sausalito!



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