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Today I finished work early and popped over to the De Young for a very late lunch and to check out the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit the town is buzzing about.  I’ve been in-love with Gaultier for a long time, his out-of-the-box, stretch-the-limits fashion antics caught my eye in college when I dabbled in design and thought I wanted to be in the fashion industry.

The exhibit did not disappoint.  The fashion is just one piece of a multi-media installation that has Gaultier written all over it…models are talking, singing, humming, blinking…so alive that it’s almost eery.  So Gaultier!  Here are a few photos I snapped using Instagram, of the things that caught my eye…

I was mesmerized by the creative use of fabrics, unusual materials and texture.  And I was in-awe of the beautiful silhouettes and the racy-ness of his designs.  All in all I was incredibly inspired, and I plan to go back with several friends before the exhibit makes its way to the next city.  The two take-aways from my first visit are the doubled up fishnets seen in this photo which I put on my list to try ASAP…

And, I grabbed a big supply of these oversized postcards because I loved the image of these models backstage at a Gaultier fashion show and I’m planning on using the cards for a party invitation sometime very soon…


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