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I’ve been prepping in a craze for my week on the playa that begins today and many friends have wished me well and expressed that they cannot wait to see my updates from Black Rock City. Sorry to disappoint, but I’m taking the whole week to completely unplug myself from all of the stuff that I’m normally (very) plugged into.

Like many, I tweet, I have facebook pages (both personally and for this blog), I capture every drink, new boutique find and yummy lunch on my Instagram profile and I pin things to my Pinterest boards… Some of this I do in the name of marketing, but most of it I do in the name of me. As my dearest friend Bari pointed out when I told her that I was giving myself this gift of unplugging for a week, taking photographs and chronicling my surroundings – and writing about it – is the way I move in the world, how I digest and process things I see, love, am moved by, etc. I assured her that I was going to do a bit of this; I am brining a camera and a journal but I won’t be sharing any of it live. And, I definitely won’t be online or concerned about AT&T’s horrible cell reception.

A whole week of being completely unplugged. A cleanse. A gift. A reboot. I’ve never done this in my life. I need it now more than ever and I look forward to my re-entry with a renewed perspective, leaning on the experience of how it felt to be in the silence. Just being.

I say all of this, and my plan was pretty solid until Saturday when I popped into Mike’s Bikes in Sausalito and one of my favorite shop boys told me he was also going to Burning Man and mentioned the Rockstar Librarian app. He mentioned it quickly, assuming I had it and then his mouth dropped open when he saw that I had no idea what he was talking about. I didn’t even make it to my car before Googling the app and downloading it – it is AMAZING! The “Time to Burn” app was created by Kate as a playa gift and it has every event for the whole week listed with descriptions and locations, the playa map and a list of camps. I didn’t leave the parking lot for 30 minutes and laughed aloud numerous times at all of the zany, fun and completely outrageous things in store for me this week – all carefully collected and presented in this perfect app, FOR the playa…

Thanks to the marvels of WordPress I’m writing this ahead of time and scheduling it to post; as you read it I will be on my way to the playa giggling with my playa playmate at the list we have PRINTED OUT (from Kate’s app) for our week of being completely unplugged!

Wishing you lots of love, lust, butterflies…and quiet unplugged time this week!



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I have to admit that I was a little bummed when I learned on Friday that the Instagram Weekend Hashtag Project was to take photographs of people jumping: #WHPinstajump.  I just thought it wouldn’t be much fun and I couldn’t think of an out-of-the-box approach, the project was so specific: “people jumping.”  Well, I was wrong…as you can see by my (our) first attempt above.  As you know, I spent the weekend in Palm Springs with a few of my sisters, my sister Liz took this shot by the Riviera pool.  It was my first jump and her first attempt, and I love it.

As it turns out, not only do jump shots make you laugh and smile when you look at them but they are really fun to take too!  The shot above was taken at Parker in Palm Springs yesterday after my sisters and I finished brunch at Norma’s.  I laugh every time I look at it!

To see the selected photographs and laugh at the nearly 7,000 others, check out the Instagram blog link above.

Wishing you lots of love, lust & butterflies this week!


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Like many, I’ve been anxiously waiting for weeks…for the new Instafocus app to arrive.  From the moment I fell in-love with Instagram I’ve wondered how professional, talented photographers have felt about the access that all of us novices received insta-ntly.  Instagram made all of us instant pros, okay…not really, but it feels good to have a tool that makes the photo taking more fun and artistic.  You may remember reading my post Today’s Crush :: Insta-Magic last month, at the time I had nearly a thousand photos on my profile, today I have over 1,400 and I’m officially obsessed!

In addition to wondering how all of the real-deal pros felt about this new invasion of weekend photo junkies I also wondered how it would change the art of photography and how we appreciate it.  So much technology, advancing at the speed of light every second, has been added to the discipline of photography that it’s hard to keep up – and the old school craft of darkroom developing and cameras with real film seem like a lost art to me.  As an artist at heart and someone who truly appreciates beautiful photography this is something I think about often.

The answer came today, in the form of a stunningly beautiful app created by three thoughtful, talented, photography-loving people: Rebecca (@glamagurl), Brandon (@r3mus) and Jeremy (@jeremyslens); you can follow them like I do on all of the insta-beauty now available!  They carved out a special place in the (online/Instagram) universe to present the most beautiful images and “showcase” them to all of us, it’s nothing short of genius and I’m certain the artists are incredibly thankful.

Because I’m a guppy and I LOVE to support beautiful projects and talented people I submitted the image above today to help blast their big project!  You can find me on Instagram @patbailey and now, look at how much more beautiful our profiles look thanks to Instafocus…

The app is FREE, and there are ways to unlock special features by thanking the developers or entering a contest with a photo like I did above.  See details for both on their website!

Thank you, thank you, thank you Rebecca, Brandon and Jeremy for the countless hours and special attention-to-detail you have put in to give all of us a brand-new window to the world of beautiful images taken by remarkable artists!  It’s the perfect showcase of talent!

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In case you didn’t know, Instagram does a special “hashtag project” every weekend and then showcases the best chosen images on their blog (and on Instagram) each Monday morning.  I always look for the project and submit a few images but this weekend I got so excited to see that the project was something I do regularly anyway…it was #ARTINMYLATTE!

Most mornings you can find me starting my day at Cibo in Sausalito with a yummy mocha and a quick “hi” to the cutie baristas that have become part of my daily routine.  And…I often take photos of my delicious joe.  Photographing coffee, for me, is a little like looking at a baby…I just cannot get enough.  I submitted the photos above this weekend to the #artinmylatte Instagram project and even though none of them were chosen I did get some cool “Likes” and new fans – and my fix of mocha pics for the day!

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I’m kinda cheating today and saying this is my crush of the day but the truth is, as I have written in my profile bio above, I am OBSESSED with Instagram and I crush on it most days.  It’s hard for me to believe that there is anyone on the planet who doesn’t at least know what Instagram is.  Not only has it changed the way we view the world and capture/share it but it has also changed the way we all think about photography.  I swear my productivity in the world has slowed since discovering it and I know for sure that the many filter and exposure choices take me away from social situations on occasion.  I’m stuck on: X-Pro II, Sierra, Lo-Fi, Earlybird, Brannan, Valencia…actually, I’ll just stop there.  The list of filters I’m NOT stuck on is much shorter but you get the idea.  Obsessed.  Completely and utterly, obsessed.

I dabbled in photography in college, when I thought I wanted to major in Art.  I LOVE beautiful things and share them via the visual worlds of Pinterest and Lover.ly often.  Instagram has created yet another avenue for us to share images of the things around us – and, even better, it gives us creative tools to show off a little.

While I’m at it, I thought I’d share my other photography app obsessions with you.  I have a whole folder of Instagram apps: InstaBAM and  InstaClip which I really like too.  I have a “Photo Collage” folder and my favorite app in this folder is Diptic, which is what I use to create all of the collages for my blog.  And, I have a very full “Photography” folder that gives me tools to do a fun photo booth with friends, a panoramic of Mt. Tam while I’m riding my bike and many, many editing options.

It was pretty much an insta-crush when I discovered Instagram; I know you will be crushing with me as this app becomes more and more popular.  I look forward to seeing all of your insta-magic!

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Today I finished work early and popped over to the De Young for a very late lunch and to check out the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit the town is buzzing about.  I’ve been in-love with Gaultier for a long time, his out-of-the-box, stretch-the-limits fashion antics caught my eye in college when I dabbled in design and thought I wanted to be in the fashion industry.

The exhibit did not disappoint.  The fashion is just one piece of a multi-media installation that has Gaultier written all over it…models are talking, singing, humming, blinking…so alive that it’s almost eery.  So Gaultier!  Here are a few photos I snapped using Instagram, of the things that caught my eye…

I was mesmerized by the creative use of fabrics, unusual materials and texture.  And I was in-awe of the beautiful silhouettes and the racy-ness of his designs.  All in all I was incredibly inspired, and I plan to go back with several friends before the exhibit makes its way to the next city.  The two take-aways from my first visit are the doubled up fishnets seen in this photo which I put on my list to try ASAP…

And, I grabbed a big supply of these oversized postcards because I loved the image of these models backstage at a Gaultier fashion show and I’m planning on using the cards for a party invitation sometime very soon…

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