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It’s Sunday, August 26th and I’m frantically working down my long list of things to do before I go off the grid for a week.  Sending this post out into cyberspace to be posted on my sister Val’s 40th birthday is on my list.  (I love the WordPress “Schedule” option!)

Happy, Happy 4oth Birthday Valerie Russo!  How in the heck did we get to be in our 40’s already?  One of my fondest memories of us as kids is riding you around our neighborhood on my banana seat bike!

We are sisters and I love you!  I’m toasting to you today on the playa in my own special way and sending you lots and lots of love and wishes for many firsts this year and always…



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When I was seven my father decided to give me a new mom.  I acted like any seven-year-old would and kicked her in the shin.  True story!  This is a picture of me and my sister Val at their wedding.

I come from a very modern, blended family where “steps” are dropped and water is thicker.  You know the saying “Blood is thicker than water?”  I wondered when I thought about writing this post today where this saying originated and found this:

“Blood is thicker than water” is a German proverb (originally: Blut ist dicker als Wasser.), which is also common in English speaking countries. It generally means that the bonds of family and common ancestry are stronger than those bonds between unrelated people (such as friendship).

I feel like in most cases, and certainly literally, this IS true but in my case, with my family, the bonds between us are air tight.  My mom is going to kill me for putting this photo up, she and my dad divorced more years ago than I care to remember and they both have remarried – making our family even more blended and modern.  When this happened, the connection I had to my mom became something even more special.  We are not related by blood but by love, and by experience and by something so much bigger than family, because there IS such a thing.

So today, on a day we honor our moms I want to honor my mom by telling her how much I love her and how thankful I am that she’s mine…oh, and that I’m so, so sorry for kicking her in the shin.


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