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I’ve been in-love with butterflies for a long, long time. My first business was called “social butterfly” and I had many “little butterflies” that helped me with my weddings and events each year. I have journals and cards with butterfly quotes on them and the transformation of the caterpillar to a butterfly resonates with me.

Today I’m crushing on one of my favorite butterfly bracelets made of leather. It goes perfectly with my mala and a special birthday bracelet I got from a friend a few years ago.

“Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.” – Proverb


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I think the term “arm candy” used to refer to a great looking girl on a guy’s arm, not today.  Arm candy is all around us; it’s a hashtag on Instagram, the name of many jewelry companies and fashion blogs and the subject of lots of chatter on Twitter.  It turns out I’ve been wearing “arm candy” since back in the day.  As a matter of fact I remember my mother threatening to cut off certain friendship bracelets that had gotten a little “unsightly” according to her, but it was bad luck to not let them fall off on their own – remember this?

I grew up during the Madonna craze and owned real jelly bracelets (in all black cuz that was the coolest) and wore so many of them you often couldn’t see my tiny little arms.

Today is no different.  The more arm candy, the better and major designers are joining the obsession.  As you know, I wear my mala most days but I change up the other arm candy daily.  Today I’m crushing on some really great, simple beads with healing powers that I got at a cozy shop called Inside Asia in Sausalito that is no longer there and a few shell and bead bracelets that I picked up in Collioure a little fishing village in the South of France near Barcelona.


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