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In an ideal world when you need custom shirts you plan ahead and order them; there are lots and lots of really great, inexpensive options online that are fast and easy.  Sometimes my ideas come to me at the last-minute as was the case on Saturday when I decided it would be fun to make t-shirts for me and some of my friends to cheer on my boyfriend at the San Rafael Twilight Criterium bike race.

I thought I’d share my DIY project with you so that you know just how easy it is to make quick customized shirts, and I’m including a few tips that I’ve learned the hard way.

HOW TO:  I bought the iron-on transfer paper pictured above at Office Depot, be sure to get the “stretchable” transfer paper if you are creating a shirt with any stretch.  This paper is specifically for inkjet printers, be sure to get the type of paper for your printer.  I printed the image (which didn’t need to be reversed, be sure to check your image to see if you need to reverse it for design purposes) onto the iron-on paper, trimmed it and ironed it on – it was THAT simple!

Yep, I was born with the “Martha gene.”

THANK YOU to my fab cheer posse for helping me cheer!  And, I wouldn’t be an A+ cheerleader if I didn’t tell you where you could find out more about Divine Electric NorCal Racing, would I?

Check it out on facebook too!



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I spent part of the day last Saturday with my friend Mara at Urban Bazaar on 9th Avenue in San Francisco.  If you haven’t been yet you MUST put it on your list.  It is a cozy spot filled to the brim with fair trade and locally handmade gifts, and they have a wide variety of succulents and air plants too.  I’ll post more about my crush on Urban Bazaar in a later post.

We were there because Mara found a Succulent Terrarium Workshop being held there and she gave the class to me as a birthday gift.  You can find details about the next class on Sosh, my very favorite place to find all cool things and happenings in San Francisco (and other parts of the country).

As you know, I love succulents.  Mostly because they are super resilient and put up with my busy schedule but also because they are tropical and pretty and do well in Sausalito – it doesn’t hurt that they are vogue right now and fit in perfectly with most decor.

We took the hour and a half workshop with Brandi, one of the owners of Urban Bazaar and a succulent guru, and walked out with our very own cute little succulent terrariums!  I posted a series of photos above so you can see just how easy the project is.  All you need is a container, a small variety of succulents you like, cactus soil, sand and moss/rocks for top-dressing and you are all set!

Brandi’s knowledge of succulents was incredibly informative; she shared with us ways to propagate (I was amazed by this!) and care for our new babies.  The “Succulent Bar” in the garden area of Urban Bazaar encourages you to make your selections, get dirty planting and leave the mess there instead of doing this urban gardening at home.  It’s brilliant!

Brandi’s next workshop is on May 20th, or you can pop by anytime and make one on your own…tell her I sent you!

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My boyfriend invited me to a friend’s 40th “Pulp Fiction” birthday party this weekend, so I spent some time last week working on my costume.  I knew immediately that I wanted to be the bloody, over-dosed Mia which in my mind was a little more interesting.  The costume came together rather easily and I wanted to share the DIY project here because it got some rave reviews at the party on Friday.

Pictured above: I created the syringe prop using half of a floral card holder pick that I just happened to have in my kitchen junk drawer. (I needed something to hold the syringe in place and the pick was perfect for tucking into my bustier.) I found the small syringe at CVS, it’s an infant cough syrup syringe.  I cut the tip off and super glued it to the pick.  The bustier was easy to find on Haight Street in SF.  I bought a white shirt at H&M and some “thick” fake blood at Costumes on Haight where I also grabbed a black bob wig.  The “Little Red Wagon” OPI I had in my collection was perfect for this look.

I used the film still photo above as inspiration for my costume and had some fun with the blood and syringe.  I finished the look with black skinnies and Chinese Laundry black pumps I’ve had in my closet forever.  Overall, it was an easy, inexpensive costume to create and a ton of fun to wear!

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It can be a little daunting, the 35 pound awkward-to-carry-box with a million pieces in it, that’s supposed to be your new sofa table.  I often have to give myself a pep talk to get to IKEA; it’s always crowded, a hassle to park and load and overwhelming with all of the options.  But almost always when I get there I’m like a kid in a candy store because I start to feel creative and want every project in the store for my place.

Today I went specifically for a sofa table that I’ve had my eye on for some time now.  It’s actually a table used for working, reading and eating in bed which means it’s slightly longer and taller than the average sofa table – and it’s on casters which in a small space is ideal for versatility.

All of the pieces came together perfectly, and in very little time and now I have a new table for flea market finds, etc.


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Thanks to my crush, BF and idol Jonathan Adler ,and lots of other design peeps, flea-ing has never been more popular than it is today.  And, thanks to the fact that I live in the Bay Area there is no shortage of flea markets to get lost in.  My favorite flea-ing is done the first Sunday of each month at the Alameda Flea Market near Oakland.

Here are a few photos of things I found while flea-ing today…some things just made for great photos and some things got adopted for my place in the Lito.

I’m amazed at the collections, rare finds and oddities I find each month and I always take note of the trends like sea shells, succulents, Mexican blankets, cowboy boots, cake plates, etc. etc. etc. because it almost always follows design trends in the magazines and blogs that I read.

And, sometimes I have a list of events I’m working on or special projects I want to finish and a Wish List of flea market things I want to find for these.  Today I found these cute hand painted signs perfect for the Lake County wedding I’m working on; one of their four-day events is a rehearsal lunch on a private beach.  This type of sign will add charm to the event.


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I’m newly in-love with succulents!  My thumb is a pale shade of green; I fall madly in-love with many water-loving, sunlight-thriving creatures and some of them don’t make it very long in my care.  Succulents on the other-hand love to be left alone.  They are strong, independent, beautiful creatures — perfect for my pad in the Lito!


I took a quick pic of these cute little bud vase arrangements at Batter Bakery on Polk today, I love these for little nightstand arrangements or coffee table pick-ups, and they are perfect for each guest’s place setting at a wedding or party!

These succulents terrariums I shot at my friend Sandra’s house when I made a quick stop on my bike.  She promises to show me how easy it is to do this!

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Come in really close, I have a secret to tell you…I’m Jonathan Adler’s girlfriend!  It’s such a big secret that he doesn’t even know.  I feel like with the amount of time I spend “stalking” him, pouring through his Musings blog and adoring (by snapping a hideous amount of photos of everything Adler) everything he touches that I SHOULD be his girlfriend.  At the very least I should be considered one of his biggest fans.

The list of Adler things I crush on is never-ending but today, in Palm Springs, I am crushing, swooning, and madly, madly, madly in-love with the mirror hanging outside of Norma’s at Parker.  (One of my most favorite places to stop AND stay in Palm Springs! And not just because the entire hotel is designed by my BF…)

I’m on an obsessed, crazy woman, mad hunt for a mirror like this for above my fireplace in the Lito.  Like many things at the Parker this mirror is vintage, 1972 to be exact.  I’m even considering making something similar myself…or just asking my BF if I can have this one…

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