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“Enchant, stay beautiful and graceful, but do this, eat well. Bring the same consideration to the preparation of your food as you devote to your appearance. Let your dinner be a poem, like your dress.” – Charles Pierre Monselet

Thought I’d take time out today to tell you what I’ve eaten lately instead of what I’m wearing today. I love the Monselet quote above, “let your dinner be like a poem…” is such a beautiful thought. Living in the Bay Area this isn’t hard at all, we are surrounded by some of the most innovative, eclectic, varied and well-sourced and prepared food in all the land! And, being a foodie, I search for and appreciate this beautiful food on a regular basis. People that know me know that I photograph everything I eat (practically everything) because it IS so beautiful most of the time. Photographing food is so much easier than photographing myself for this blog, today I’m sharing some of my recent subjects.

I enjoyed every single bite of the mini Kobe burgers and sweet potato fries (with a Ultimat Dirty Martini, of course) pictured above and made with love at 5A5 Steak Lounge. I am a burger connoisseur and these earned a well-deserved spot on my Favorite Burgers in the City List!

I’m a burger girl who goes ga-ga for anything having to do with a taco. Every Tuesday is Taco Tuesday at Azucar Lounge on Folsom where you can get all the tacos you can eat for $10! I can’t eat more than two so the deal is lost on me and I’m much more concerned about the “poetry” anyway. Everything at Azucar is handmade and locally sourced and you can taste this. The Oaxacan Peanuts pictured above are roasted with garlic, arbol chile and lime and they are amazing! The Ceviche is made with tilapia marinated in lime juice, pico de gallo, cucumber, avocado and it, like the guacamole also pictured, is served with crispy and perfectly salted house made tortilla chips. The drinks at Azucar are crafted with equal care and innovation.

One of the most beautiful places to lunch and be seen lunching in San Francisco is Chaya Brassiere. The bentos are changed daily and the sushi is a work of art..errr…I mean, poetry. I love sushi and I could write an entire post about it because I love the art of it and I think it’s the perfect food. For some reason I always order the San Francisco Roll pictured above, it’s not really sushi because it has tomato in it but I love it!

Somehow I’m going to try to gracefully segue from beautiful sushi to one of my guilty pleasures that, in my opinion, is equally pretty: the Lucky Strike deviled eggs, made even better by the bacon sprinkled on top! There, I said it! I love deviled eggs! Who doesn’t?

And it wouldn’t be a beautiful food post without one of my very favorite foods, oysters! I’m a new lover of oysters, maybe it’s an acquired taste but I think it has more to do with access. The smaller the better for me with Kumamoto at the very top of my list. Each one really is a beautiful little poem and I’m so glad I love them so that I can take full advantage of eating them every chance I get! I enjoyed these on my birthday at Farley’s Bar at Cavallo Point where we had a beautiful view of the Golden Gate Bridge!

Wishing you lots and lots of love, lust, butterflies and poetry on your table every night!


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It was such a luxury to spend the entire day at the Alameda Point Antiques Faire today, I usually have a tight schedule with somewhere to be or someone to meet and I have to keep to my list and work fast while working in others’ agendas…not today.  Today’s sole mission was to enjoy flea-ing with my main squeeze on a Sunday with no rush or hurry – it was a real treat!

We went hoping to be inspired with some great finds to add to our Burning Man fashion collections but we also found great food!  We stopped and shared a yummy burger and a few curry butt steak tacos at le truc for lunch and had a “Carmel by the Sea” cupcake at the decadent Sweet Treats truck!

I love, love, love spending time perusing the flea market and I especially feel lucky to have access to the fancy pants fleas/antique markets here in the Bay Area.  Today, among my favorite finds are a pair of square-toed vintage Frye boots in the perfect shade for the playa and in great condition and my size ($65), a really cute tooled leather handbag with my name on it…how could I pass it up? ($35), and a cool necktie made entirely of beautiful, tiny feathers ($10) – it will wow my playa mates for sure!



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Our dear friends Ariel and Durand have been working on their newest labor of love since signing the lease for this perfect space last October.  And!! Easy Breezy is the new kid on the way cool block in Noe Valley and Opening Day was yesterday!  Filling a gap for a “fun, sit down, dessert place” on 24th Street Ariel and Durand’s Easy Breezy Frozen Yogurt is king and the new neighborhood gathering spot is getting a really warm welcome!

We popped in to have dessert before dinner last night, which we always say we are going to do but never do, and we loved every minute of it.  I love this description of the Easy Breezy experience told by Ariel in a Noe Valley Blog interview in April:

“Breeze through our outdoor patio (complete with stroller parking!) into Easy Breezy. You’re inside but it still feels like outside – beautiful wood and summery colors greet you and beckon you to grab a Breezy cup. Fill your cup with our organic tart yogurt, or enjoy our home-made flavors like Chai Vanilla, Strawberry Pie, Fresh Cake Batter and Cookies n Cream. There is also a non-dairy option. If you are feeling more decadent you might want to splurge on the vanilla frozen custard. Circle around our toppings island and enjoy items like organic fruits, fresh nuts, cookie dough and brownie bits from local shops, or saltier toppings for the more adventurous – peanut-butter filled pretzels and kosher rock salt anyone? Pay by the ounce, grab a compostable spoon and find a seat on a wide log or at the wooden bar, and enjoy! It’s a great place for the kids during the day, and a cozy place to grab dessert after dinner. All of our frozen yogurt is gluten-free, rich in probiotics and kosher.”

I went straight for the Chocolate Milk and Cake Batter and topped it with sprinkles, chocolate cookie, brownie and dough balls and bits of crushed candybar – it was amazing!  My main squeeze had the Vanilla Custard topped with kiwi, it was not only beautiful but delicious!

Let’s face it, there are many, many wonderful reasons to visit Noe Valley, and 24th Street in particular, it’s one of my favorite little cozy, boutiquey spots in the city – now you have yet another reason: EASY BREEZY FROZEN YOGURT!

“We are building our shop with zero waste in mind – everything will be compostable, green and energy efficient. We are completely focused on this individual store and how we can cater to our local folks.  And personally, we are very community-minded people – it is how we raise our kids, run our home and run our lives.  It’s a natural extension for us to create community around frozen yogurt and dessert!” – Ariel Ford

Send a little love back to Ariel and Durand by liking their Easy Breezy facebook page, sharing the loooove with your peeps and popping in for a really yummy treat!

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One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” – Virgina Woolf

I’ve recently fallen madly in-love with Kokkari, a beautiful place to be seen (and to see) in SF, with delicious, fresh, authentic Greek dishes.  My last few meals there inspired me to make this dinner a few days ago and it also reminded me that I have a really yummy Dolmas recipe from my dad, a childhood favorite.  We started with a fresh watermelon and cucumber salad with basil, olive oil and feta.  For snacking before the main course I made a dish of Greek essentials: pita, humus, olive tapenade, olives, yogurt and some fresh cucumbers, basil and lemon.  I followed this with my dad’s Dolmas!

Dolmas are pretty easy to make and really delicious, mine were stuffed with lean ground beef, rice, tomato, feta, spices and lemon juice.  I’ve added a few things to my dad’s recipe but this was essentially how he made them for us when we were little.  Store bought grape leaves work perfectly, the mixture goes into the middle of the leaves and gets wrapped up.  These can be baked at a low temperature until ready to serve.

Our main course for this dinner was a baked lemon herb chicken breast with rice and broccoli, we finished with some Baklava!

Maybe I’ve inspired you to experiment with Greek cusine sometime soon?  At the very least pop over to Kokkari and treat yourself to something from their ktchen, you won’t be sorry!


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I have a confession to make.  Sometimes I make up reasons to celebrate.  You would too if you loved Kara’s Cupcakes and Sofia Minis as much as I do!  And, to make matters worse, they are both that perfect “guilt-free” size…and paired together: OOOO LAAA LAAA, we are celebrating…SOMETHING, ANYTHING!

This past week the celebration was a legitimate one, lots of great things are happening lately!  I’ve been known to show up with this little package to cheer up a friend, celebrate real-deal birthdays and holidays, congratulate my main squeeze…and my favorite: just because!

Next time you have cause to celebrate, or just ’cause, grab some cupcakes and bubbles…you’ll love it so much that you’ll be making up reasons to celebrate too!


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It might seem like an odd combination but one of my very favorite breakfast meals is sliced avocado and banana mixed in with honey flavored Greek yogurt.  The nutty flavor of the avocado blended with the sweet, creamy flavor of the banana is a match made in heaven – then mix in the honey flavored yogurt and your happy mouth is singing a happy song!

Crush on some yummy breakfast goodness with me today, will ya?


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It’s summer time in the Lito and we’ve been having some surprisingly warm days and nights which mean spontaneous walks and cruising to nearby fun spots in my touristy town on the water.  A few weekends ago I cruised to the Sausalito Taco Shop to meet my friend Mo for a beer, when I got there she ordered a “Michelada” and I did too.  I’ve been in-love with this zesty, spicy, salty Mexican specialty ever since and feeding my cravings whenever I can!  A Michelada is a blend of spices, tomato juice, lime, salt and beer…can there be anything more perfect for summer than this combination?

Today I’m crushing on summer time in the Lito and warm walks and cruises with friends to yummy treats like tacos and Micheladas!  Do yourself a favor and have a Michelada…it is oh, sooooo good!

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