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There’s a chill in the air, typical August weather in Northern California, and it’s alright with me because it means I can wear my high-waisted vintage wool plaid pants a little early.  I wore them tonight with a black short sleeve turtleneck knit top and some red paten leather Nine West heels and my go-to sparkly black clutch from Gap.  It was the perfect look for the 7×7 Fashion Issue Launch Party at Neiman Marcus in the city!



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I’ve been in-love with butterflies for a long, long time. My first business was called “social butterfly” and I had many “little butterflies” that helped me with my weddings and events each year. I have journals and cards with butterfly quotes on them and the transformation of the caterpillar to a butterfly resonates with me.

Today I’m crushing on one of my favorite butterfly bracelets made of leather. It goes perfectly with my mala and a special birthday bracelet I got from a friend a few years ago.

“Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.” – Proverb

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It doesn’t take much to get me excited about dressing up.  And, I’ve always been this way.  I was the college coed that loved a theme party, and the teacher who took Spirit Week to all new levels.  I’m the girl you can count on to go all-out for Halloween or any other costume-related party and I have been known to plan my own parties around fabulous costume potential.

So it should come as no surprise that I’m completely and utterly consumed with prepping for my “Playa Look” for Burning Man in a few weeks; it will be a full week of playing dress up!  And not surprising either, I have many things already that are perfect for the playa.  Faux fur vests of which I have a handful somehow, feather accessories and silver glitter nail polish and pink ruffles and a silver sequins bustier that I found on Haight Street.

Feather eyelashes that didn’t make the cut for some costume and left-over gold polish from my Foxy Brown at Studio 54 last Halloween… I am in Heaven with all of the possibilities for what I can wear and be.

When I want to add to the treasures I already have, I head to some of my very favorite places to shop for costumes in the city: Costumes on Haight, Piedmont Boutique, New York Apparel , Buffalo Exchange and of course the Goodwill and vintage stores in the Haight are always full of great finds!


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Every year I feel like the summer gets shorter and shorter.  I remember when I was little, summers seemed to last forrrr-ever.  Maybe it’s because I love summertime and I want it to last.  And, I’m sure the record passing pace has to do with how busy I’ve gotten over the years.  Here it is August already and all this “Back to School” talk I’ve been hearing lately has put me in the mood for PLAID!

Timeless, especially in vintage form, plaid seems to transcend short-lived and even seasonal fashion rules.  Couple this with the British invasion, both in wedding and Olympic form, and some would say plaid is hotter than ever before.  Hot for Fall 2012 according to the latest Fashion Week reports from NYC and London with Michael Kors and Tory Burch leading the charge.

Lucky for me because I absolutely adore plaid, especially these vintage plaid Levi’s that a dear fashion designer friend of mine helped me find at Pretty Penny in Rockridge.  I bought three pairs of vintage plaid pants that day!  The pair pictured above fits me like a glove and the high waist and flared bottoms make them especially vogue.

I love that these pants can be dressed way up with a belt, silk top and fancy pants heels or way down like I did this week with my Barcelona sandals, white cotton ruffle top from Anthropologie and vintage beaded bag that I found at the Alamedia Point Antiques Faire last year.

Pretty Penny is an amazing shop filled to the brim with carefully chosen and hand-picked vintage and contemporary clothing and accessories.  You can follow their treasure finding on their blog and on facebook and at @prettypennyoakland on Instagram.  Pop in sometime and tell them I sent you!


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Inspired by a big fat messy bun, the messiest ever, I popped out for my mocha this morning in my newly re-discovered white Lucky Jeans skinnies that used to be too small for me but they fit perfectly now and I cut the bottoms off to make them a bit less fussy.  My Urban Outfitters Daydreamer skull & bones top, and butterfly sandals and my suede fringe bag from Brandy Melville.

My arm candy today is an eclectic mix of skulls and feathers from Brandy Melville, my mala and a Swarovski Crystal bracelet I picked up in Paris a handful of years ago.

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Today I’m crushing on two new yummy things that I got last weekend during my thrifting and fleaing bananza!  So, so yummy because they feel incredible and because I love anything that is a limey, chartreuse-y green, ESPECIALLY if it’s velvet!

I found this white fur jacket at Buffalo Exchange on Haight Street.  I like it because it’s a stylish coat with flared sleeves and pockets!  The vintage velvet jacket was a great find at the Alameda Point Antiques Faire; it was in the $1-$5 bin and I snagged it for $5!  It’s in the perfect Burning Man “been loved a ton before and now I’m passing it along” condition and I may shorten it a bit, but I love that it has a cute drawstring, belted waist, pockets and funky buttons.

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It was such a luxury to spend the entire day at the Alameda Point Antiques Faire today, I usually have a tight schedule with somewhere to be or someone to meet and I have to keep to my list and work fast while working in others’ agendas…not today.  Today’s sole mission was to enjoy flea-ing with my main squeeze on a Sunday with no rush or hurry – it was a real treat!

We went hoping to be inspired with some great finds to add to our Burning Man fashion collections but we also found great food!  We stopped and shared a yummy burger and a few curry butt steak tacos at le truc for lunch and had a “Carmel by the Sea” cupcake at the decadent Sweet Treats truck!

I love, love, love spending time perusing the flea market and I especially feel lucky to have access to the fancy pants fleas/antique markets here in the Bay Area.  Today, among my favorite finds are a pair of square-toed vintage Frye boots in the perfect shade for the playa and in great condition and my size ($65), a really cute tooled leather handbag with my name on it…how could I pass it up? ($35), and a cool necktie made entirely of beautiful, tiny feathers ($10) – it will wow my playa mates for sure!



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