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I’m crushing on some of my very favorite textures today.  I wore my off-white lace Mariposa Shorts from Urban Outfitters with a ruffled black top and carried my favorite vintage tooled leather bag from the flea market to a party I hosted.  I love the way mixing textures gives any look richness and depth.

One of my favorite, go-to little black dresses came from Forever 21 many moons ago and the fun, cotton lace texture makes it go from daytime work to nighttime play very easily.  It’s a short cotton dress with a scallop edge and pockets, something I found for nearly nothing and I’ve worn it a million and one times.



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I think the term “arm candy” used to refer to a great looking girl on a guy’s arm, not today.  Arm candy is all around us; it’s a hashtag on Instagram, the name of many jewelry companies and fashion blogs and the subject of lots of chatter on Twitter.  It turns out I’ve been wearing “arm candy” since back in the day.  As a matter of fact I remember my mother threatening to cut off certain friendship bracelets that had gotten a little “unsightly” according to her, but it was bad luck to not let them fall off on their own – remember this?

I grew up during the Madonna craze and owned real jelly bracelets (in all black cuz that was the coolest) and wore so many of them you often couldn’t see my tiny little arms.

Today is no different.  The more arm candy, the better and major designers are joining the obsession.  As you know, I wear my mala most days but I change up the other arm candy daily.  Today I’m crushing on some really great, simple beads with healing powers that I got at a cozy shop called Inside Asia in Sausalito that is no longer there and a few shell and bead bracelets that I picked up in Collioure a little fishing village in the South of France near Barcelona.


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Today I’m crushing on these very special Glass Vial Pendant Necklaces handmade by Jenny Crandall of Leather Octopus.  Inspired by Burning Man she is making many to take with her to give as her playa gifts this year.  I love the idea of bringing back a memento of the time we will spend on the playa so I quickly placed an order.  Like little time capsules they can hold sand/ashes, glitter, small beads and other treasures, or even little love notes!

THANK YOU Jenny for these perfect gifts, I’m looking forward to seeing you on the playa!

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Today I’m crushing on two new yummy things that I got last weekend during my thrifting and fleaing bananza!  So, so yummy because they feel incredible and because I love anything that is a limey, chartreuse-y green, ESPECIALLY if it’s velvet!

I found this white fur jacket at Buffalo Exchange on Haight Street.  I like it because it’s a stylish coat with flared sleeves and pockets!  The vintage velvet jacket was a great find at the Alameda Point Antiques Faire; it was in the $1-$5 bin and I snagged it for $5!  It’s in the perfect Burning Man “been loved a ton before and now I’m passing it along” condition and I may shorten it a bit, but I love that it has a cute drawstring, belted waist, pockets and funky buttons.

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It never fails, even though I force myself to have a seasonal closet cleaning party to make giving things away more fun, I always end up keeping things I never wear.  Case-in-point: these really, really old Mia booties that I think I’ve had since my college days!  Okay, maybe I couldn’t even give these away…fair enough!

Yesterday morning I pulled them out and slipped them on with some short-shorts and a matching top for my daily mocha run.  They are dying a slow death in my closet and I wanted to kick around in them for a bit to see if I should throw them a life line.  I got a few thumbs up from the Cibo girls and a few “definitely give those away” from a few of my besties (thanks Mo, I can always count on your honest opinion).  After a few hours they went back into my closet where I think they’ll likely stay for another decade.


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If you are like me, and millions of others, you are bombarded daily with deals.  I LOVE A GREAT DEAL!  And today, I’m crushing on my “Deals App” folder that is jammed pack with my favorite apps for getting daily alerts to the best deals in SF and in general.  I started with just a few: Tippr and Groupon, which were the first two I learned about.  Both (and most) have an option to look for deals in a specific city and I’ve taken advantage of some really great deals since downloading both apps.  Drinks, food, classes, yoga…you name it!

I quickly downloaded Bloomspot (because I like to “treat myself to a little luxury”…) and Sweetjack, both of which I use on occasion.  My two favorite deal apps are Scoutmob and Fab.  A lot of the reason why I like them so much has to do with how they look but I also love the quality of deals and the options to create a profile, love things and share them on these two apps.  I find the most interesting things for decorating my place with the Fab app and many artistic, beautiful things that make great gifts!

Deal Drop is an app that allows you to combine deals from lots of places into one location, I use this app when I’m looking for deals to big things and want to shop around.  And finally, the Woot Watch app which also keeps track of deals I’m watching so that I don’t miss them.  I especially like the Wine Woot section because I’ve gotten some really great deals on amazing wine here.

Crush with me, will ya?  On these great ways to find good deals…all right at our fingertips!

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I pulled out all of my clutches when I was packing for Palm Springs last week and it was like shopping in my own closet, do you ever do that?  Because I live in such a small place I store my clutches away most of the time – until I need them.  And, when I need them I pull them all out so that I can see what my choices are.

Today I’m crushing on my clutch collection: a knitted, velvety, vintage, zippered-up, beaded, jeweled, shell-covered, colorful collection of itty bitty, girlie style.  Each time I pull them out it’s like shopping and I don’t even have to leave my place!


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