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I spent a quick second (not really) grinning, not grinning, looking professional, being silly and posing for (and with) Dickson Bueno a few weeks ago and had so much fun!  My sweet friend Michael Chu is the Editor of Beverage Industry News Magazine and gives me lots of love when the focus of the issue is vodka.  The new issue, the VODKA ISSUE, came out today and I was so happy to be there with Ultimat and Patron!

The full page coverage was mighty generous and the showcase of our partnership with Riedel was a first splash for us!  I’m excited to be the new face of Ultimat Vodka in San Francisco and so thankful to Michael and the entire BIN Magazine staff for including us in this issue!  For a quick peek at the issue you can view it online here!  And, while you’re at it, “LIKE” them on facebook too!


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I live in a land where the ice cubes are sometimes made by hand and where the maker can tell you exactly why this is better.  Ahhh, San Francisco!  Home of BIG places cooler than speakeasys, mixologists who search lands near and far for the most esoteric spirits and…handmade ice cubes!

I love this because I’m in the booze business and selling a fine spirit, it works in my favor for sure.  And I’m a Dirty connoisseur; I like mine of the short kind, with a few delicious olives that I save until the end, and on ice – preferably handmade.  The truth of the matter is if you are like me and many living in the thick of the cocktail culture in San Francisco, it’s all about the hooch, the glass, the cube, and the hand that lovingly makes it.  I promise you, when all of these things line up it’s pure divinity!

I enjoyed the short Dirty on the rock(s) (pictured above) recently at Zero Zero with some pizza for lunch, it was perfectly made and expertly appreciated.

Wishing you lots of love, lust & butterflies this week and always…

(For more information on why homemade ice is better and other mixology trends check out one of my favorites: Guest of a Guest!)

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This week I’m crushing on two really yummy cocktails that I just submitted to my corporate office for some PR love.  We really live in one of the very best places for mixology and a creative cocktail culture.  The first cocktail is an Ultimat “Cosmojito” made with cranberry juice, lime, mint and simple syrup and it can be found on the drink menu at Chaya Brassiere on the Embarcadero in San Francisco.  Matt, the day time bartender there “spanks” the mint before adding it at the end and this makes all the difference!  It is the perfect shade of light pink and incredibly delicious.

The second yummy cocktail can be found at  Zare at Fly Trap and is the special creation of Valen, the bar keep there, who calls it the “Miveh Mule” which is Farsi for “seasonal fruit,” so the type of fruit is determined each morning based on what comes in that day!  I’ve had pomegranate, peach and most recently watermelon – each is amazing in its own way and blended perfectly with Ultimat by Valen’s talented hand.

Stop by and see Matt and Valen and tell them I sent you…

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I’m a lucky girl, an Ambassador.  I’m in the “beverage industry” which means I get paid to build relationships, and brands.  You’ve seen me post many times about my “bar fly” lifestyle and I have a new page now that lists the start of my Ultimat 100 in SF.  It’s a tough job but somebody’s gotta do it!

Thought I’d post a glimpse of my daily life today since it’s a big work week for me.  I did a pop around a few weeks ago and snapped these photos at 5A5 Steak Lounge, Kokkari and Azucar Lounge, three of my big accounts and lovers of Ultimat and Patron.

Pictured above: my new favorite way to drink Dirty Martini’s, on the rocks!  The “House Shot” at Azucar Lounge which is simply AMAZING, you get one of these if it’s your first time visiting Azucar and this isn’t something they advertise so now you are in the know!  And finally, my very favorite drink is a Bloody Mary but at Azucar Edgar makes a mean Mario Mary…pop in and try it sometime!


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One of my very favorite places in the city is Jones, nestled so perfectly in the Tenderloin that some don’t even know where it is, but all the cool kids do because it has a NYC feel from the moment you enter the big iron scroll gates on Jones Street.  This bar (and restaurant), with many, many cozy nooks and crannies has a beautiful respite from the outside streets: a spacious courtyard that is a nice surprise to find in this location.  The “gunmetal-blue steel bar” and industrial lighting made of fab reclaimed objects gives the place a swanky, cool, modern, Meatpacking District vibe.  It’s true what they say, the long corridor leads you from the outside gate…to something magical.  And, once you are there, you don’t want to leave.

I hosted my third Ultimat Vodka Summer Fridays “Pop-Up Happy Hour” there last Friday and it was a big success!  When you pop by next be sure to tell Ryan I sent you and order an Ultimat Dirty Martini on the rocks or your favorite vodka drink with Ultimat!

Please check out the Jones facebook page too and “Like” them!

For a working list of other fun spots where you can find Ultimat Vodka in San Francisco check out my Ultimat 100 SF List and I hope you will join me for my next Pop-Up Happy Hour!


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I just added a brand-new page to my blog: PB {Ultimat 100 SF LIst}!  Now you can see where I spend my time supporting Ultimat Vodka in San Francisco…and, you can help me support them too!

It takes a whole village!  Let’s paint the town BLUE one Ultimat cocktail at a time!


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It’s summer time in the Lito and we’ve been having some surprisingly warm days and nights which mean spontaneous walks and cruising to nearby fun spots in my touristy town on the water.  A few weekends ago I cruised to the Sausalito Taco Shop to meet my friend Mo for a beer, when I got there she ordered a “Michelada” and I did too.  I’ve been in-love with this zesty, spicy, salty Mexican specialty ever since and feeding my cravings whenever I can!  A Michelada is a blend of spices, tomato juice, lime, salt and beer…can there be anything more perfect for summer than this combination?

Today I’m crushing on summer time in the Lito and warm walks and cruises with friends to yummy treats like tacos and Micheladas!  Do yourself a favor and have a Michelada…it is oh, sooooo good!

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