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I grabbed these denim cut-off shorts at Free People at the beginning of the summer and they are one of my very favorite things.  I wear them with a messy bun and Mexican shirt (I got this one in Cancun a few years ago), Urban Outfitters crochet tanks, a vintage Madonna concert tee I got from my sister for my birthday and when it’s chilly out I throw on some boots, knee-highs, a sweater and a scarf from my collection I posted about here.



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If you are like me, and millions of others, you are bombarded daily with deals.  I LOVE A GREAT DEAL!  And today, I’m crushing on my “Deals App” folder that is jammed pack with my favorite apps for getting daily alerts to the best deals in SF and in general.  I started with just a few: Tippr and Groupon, which were the first two I learned about.  Both (and most) have an option to look for deals in a specific city and I’ve taken advantage of some really great deals since downloading both apps.  Drinks, food, classes, yoga…you name it!

I quickly downloaded Bloomspot (because I like to “treat myself to a little luxury”…) and Sweetjack, both of which I use on occasion.  My two favorite deal apps are Scoutmob and Fab.  A lot of the reason why I like them so much has to do with how they look but I also love the quality of deals and the options to create a profile, love things and share them on these two apps.  I find the most interesting things for decorating my place with the Fab app and many artistic, beautiful things that make great gifts!

Deal Drop is an app that allows you to combine deals from lots of places into one location, I use this app when I’m looking for deals to big things and want to shop around.  And finally, the Woot Watch app which also keeps track of deals I’m watching so that I don’t miss them.  I especially like the Wine Woot section because I’ve gotten some really great deals on amazing wine here.

Crush with me, will ya?  On these great ways to find good deals…all right at our fingertips!

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“I am beginning to learn that it is the sweet, simple things of life which are the real ones after all.” – Laura Ingalls Wilder

I’m taking time to appreciate the little things today…like a KitKat candy bar on my friend KitKat’s birthday, my bunny slippers and my newly coined phrase “It’s a Bunny Slipper Day,” which signifies a full day of blogging in my cozy place with my slippers on.  The fresh produce brought in daily by Robert the owner of Golden Gate Market, a small, local grocery down the street from my apartment.  And, being greeted by a “RESERVED” sign and a cozy, perfect table for people watching at one of my very favorite, swanky hot spots in the city on date night with my main squeeze.

I’m not a huge fan of hot sauce but I love how these line the room of my favorite taco shop in Mill Valley.  My bedside Buddha, surprise jazz being played on a San Francisco street corner while I’m working downtown…and my “work” which often involves chatting with great people in a beautiful environment, with a yummy cocktail.

Gifts of skulls from my sisters for a belated birthday present, the constant reminder that I live in paradise – a vacation destination for some but my home for me.  Being welcomed to Palm Springs by my PS bestie AJ with her homemade version of a “Palm Springs Honeymoon” and some See’s candy she picked up just for me.  Finding these red velvet cupcakes at a bakery after late night cocktails and having them for a midnight snack.

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I pulled out all of my clutches when I was packing for Palm Springs last week and it was like shopping in my own closet, do you ever do that?  Because I live in such a small place I store my clutches away most of the time – until I need them.  And, when I need them I pull them all out so that I can see what my choices are.

Today I’m crushing on my clutch collection: a knitted, velvety, vintage, zippered-up, beaded, jeweled, shell-covered, colorful collection of itty bitty, girlie style.  Each time I pull them out it’s like shopping and I don’t even have to leave my place!


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I love Palm Springs and Palm Springs loves me, I swear my wanna-be wavy hair looks best after a day at the pool and an air dry in the desert wind.  Not to mention the kisses the sun gives my skin.  I’m a lover of the heat and the desert and I think it shows!  My sister, PS bestie and I headed out to dinner at Viceroy and the Sunday Drag Show at Toucan’s last Sunday and I thought my Urban Outfitters lace shorts and DSW feather heels were perfect for the occasion.

I added a black lace v-neck top that I got many moons ago at Pitaya in Bloomington, my go-to black beaded necklace from there too and a vintage hot pink silk clutch that matched the ever-blooming (in PS anyway) Bougainvillea perfectly.



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I’m a lucky girl, an Ambassador.  I’m in the “beverage industry” which means I get paid to build relationships, and brands.  You’ve seen me post many times about my “bar fly” lifestyle and I have a new page now that lists the start of my Ultimat 100 in SF.  It’s a tough job but somebody’s gotta do it!

Thought I’d post a glimpse of my daily life today since it’s a big work week for me.  I did a pop around a few weeks ago and snapped these photos at 5A5 Steak Lounge, Kokkari and Azucar Lounge, three of my big accounts and lovers of Ultimat and Patron.

Pictured above: my new favorite way to drink Dirty Martini’s, on the rocks!  The “House Shot” at Azucar Lounge which is simply AMAZING, you get one of these if it’s your first time visiting Azucar and this isn’t something they advertise so now you are in the know!  And finally, my very favorite drink is a Bloody Mary but at Azucar Edgar makes a mean Mario Mary…pop in and try it sometime!


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I’m still living out of my suitcase from my weekend in Palm Springs with my sisters, it takes me a couple of days to unpack when I get back.  Today I’m crushing on my Vera Bradley collection of travel cases because they make traveling so easy and fun.  Pictured above are two jewelry cases that keep everything safe and organized, a make-up bag I carry in my purse daily and my laptop cover.  I have collected many Vera Bradley pieces over the years and I love each of them!

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