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It’s no secret that I have a new fascination with tattoos so it should come as no surprise that I was crushing on my dear friend AJ and hers last weekend when she flew up from Palm Springs to spend the long weekend with me in San Francisco.

Tattoos have become incredibly popular but more than that, even “fashionable” as high-end fashion houses like Chanel presented them in a temporary form as part of their Spring look last year and they continue to push this once bad girl accessory forward in their Chanel 2012/13 Cruise Collection at Chateau de Versailles runway show recently.

Tattoos were part of the Red Carpet debrief at this year’s Oscars and I even heard one critic say that a celebrity had less fashion appeal because she had no ink.  It seems that more and more fashionable people, whether they are celebrities, models or real people we all know, have tattoos so it’s hard for me not to be crushing on them today.

I am plotting my own ink adventure and using all of the inspiration around me, for now I love the idea of a temporary, fashionable one!


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I found myself in a Power Yoga class this afternoon sweating off a few extra pounds that I don’t really have to lose.  I was surrounded by beautiful Marin yogini’s in a hot room that felt very intimate and safe.  And, at the end of the class the instructor sent us off with a short chant to “Let our intuition guide us.”

I’ve always been in-tune with my intuition.  We have a love-hate relationship.  It’s that pit in your stomach, the ache you ignore, the goosebumps, the butterflies… Some call it “source,” or “vortex” – it’s the deepest part of you that holds all the answers to your questions.  Or as Steve Jobs says above,  intuition coupled with your heart equals what you truly want to become.  Knowing that it’s there is the easy part.  You know it’s there, right?  This is the first step, knowing that you already have the answers to all of your questions deep inside of you.  It’s the listening to it and following it that’s the hard part.

I’m the bravest girl I know yet sometimes I don’t have the courage to follow my intuition.  And, I’ve been around the block enough to know that when I don’t it usually means I won’t be happy with the outcome, or at the very least that I’m not being authentic and true to myself.  Following your intuition sometimes means changing jobs, ending friendships…a broken heart.

Matching the true me to my actions is high on my list of goals for this year.  You probably read the post about my “Think. Say. Do. Mantra” so you know this is super important to me.  I’m still working on the courage part.

“There is no truth except the truth that exists within you. Everything else is what someone is telling you.”  ―    Neale Donald WalschHome with God: In a Life That Never Ends


Wishing you lots of love, lust & butterflies…and gobs of courage to go along with it!



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Today I’m crushing on turquoise, inspired by my new “Mermaid’s Tears” OPI color and these cute new sandals from Urban Outfitters!  I love turquoise and have a great start to a really cool bracelet collection thanks to a few birthday gifts and some flea market finds.  Teal is the perfect color for summer and looks really fab with white jeans and my everyday favorite “Skull & Glossbones” nail color!


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Found myself completely distracted today.  Happily distracted.  My early morning routine consists of a quick run-through of several media outlets and blogs.  This morning’s news about Kristin Armstrong’s broken clavicle from the Prologue start of the Exergy Tour in her hometown yesterday made my heart sink.  It should come as no surprise to hear that Kristin inspires me, she inspires a lot of female cyclists.  She inspires me because of her age, she’s 39 and still kicking major ass in the peloton.  Arguably the best in the female pro cycling field today.

The good news is Kristin is one tough cookie, she was out of her early morning surgery (plus one screw in her shoulder) and at the finish line before the race ended today…WOW.  And, she should be back on her bike training in about a week so her Olympic hopes are still in tact.  I’m certain she’ll come back with even more vigor, if that’s even possible.

The news about Kristin sparked my curiosity about the outcome of today’s stage without her in the field…so I watched it live. I watched nearly 100 women, from 18 different countries, race 74.7 miles in 3 hours and 16 minutes – it was absolutely amazing!  I have a crush on Tayler Wiles who led an early break that stuck for most of the race.  I snapped this shot of the break while I was watching, amazed and inspired by the sheer power and athleticism of these girls.

Today’s stage was full of drama and incredibly captivating right down to the sprint finish.  I loved watching the girls that I know, racing in the big leagues, and the girls I look up to.  I don’t have the words to describe how inspired I feel…

Ride like the wind tomorrow in the TT girlies…well actually, ride FASTER than the wind!

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Completely, utterly, and uncontrollably addicted and crushing on CROCHET today.  I’m not going to even make any excuses or justify it.  There, I said it.  I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror this morning and realized I was unknowingly paying homage to one of my newest textural addictions.  Crocheted black sandals, crocheted sweater, crochet-trimmed scarf…it was a crochet love fest for sure.

I realized this as I looked at what I was holding in my hand at Urban Outfitters…

…two of the newest members of the PB crochet family.  The Staring at Stars Mariposa Shorts had to be mine because I have a hot pink, black and even mauve pair but nothing in white yet.  And I can wear these for work, right?  So it’s a great investment!  And, I love the white skirt with the same name.  More work clothes, yipee!

Fashion does repeat itself and often, I think, trends come back even better the second and third time around.  I remember crocheted things back in the day but I don’t remember them being so cute.  Crochet is everywhere right now and it’s the most perfect, luscious, girlie texture – and so fab for the summer months!

Crush on crochet with me, will ya?


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While I’m in wedding mode today I thought I’d post a photo taken many moons ago by Jon Asp.  My clients at the time were theater people, the bride was an actor who appreciated Shakespeare and we worked countless hours planning her outdoor “Midsummer Night’s Dream themed wedding.  One of my very favorite parts of this plan was the “ceremony in the round” that I suggested for them.

I’m crushing on this idea today as I think about my Lake County wedding in June and how this might be perfect for them too.  I loved the intimacy this seating arrangement created instantly for the guests.  There was no front row seat but rather every seat had a great vantage point of the action in the middle.  And, I love the symbolism of the couple being literally surrounded by the love of their family and guests as they get married.

“I know a bank where the wild thyme blows,
Where oxlips and the nodding violet grows,
Quite over-canopied with luscious woodbine,
With sweet musk-roses and with eglantine.”  –
Act ii. Scene.1

And where ceremonies take place in the round…

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Today marks the one month mark to the very special wedding date for my clients in June.  For months we’ve been working on countless details for the four-day, black-tie affair that will take place a few hours due north of San Francisco in charming Lake County.  The couple, two boys madly in-love with each other, have been making special plans for their guests to enjoy a golf scramble at Rob Roy Golf Club, and a private wine tasting tour to Brassfield Estate Winery, Vigilance Winery & Vineyards, Six Sigma Ranch and Gregory Graham Winery.  They will host an old-fashion BBQ dinner in the outdoor courtyard between the Tallman Hotel and the Blue Wing Saloon and a rehearsal dinner at a private winery estate.

The ceremony and reception venue is almost as special as the couple and it will be absolutely spectacular on June 23rd when the football field sized lavender field will be in full bloom.  Ceago Winery is the absolute perfect backdrop to host this event for my wine buff, foodie clients.

It’s almost June, I don’t know where May went (well, I spent most of it celebrating my birthday) but “Wedding Season” is upon us and I cannot wait to be part of this very special day in Lake County!

Let the countdown begin…

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