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Look, one of the things I love about cycling is the fashion – of course!  It wasn’t long before I traded in my “half kit-ing” and my hand-me-downs to start my (now very large) kit collection.  And, because I ride in Northern California it’s imperative that you have many accessories in your kit collection.  Accessories like leg and arm warmers (which I LOVE because they are like thigh highs and long gloves!), vests, helmet, glasses, gloves, shoe covers, rain gear…and the list goes on and on…  What you wear on your bike around here is very important!  And, most cyclists take pride in what they don while riding.

My first real-deal kit, and my favorite because it comes with racing memories, was my Dolce Vita Racing kit.  Like how everything is so matchy, matchy?  (Thank you Veronika Lenzi for this really cool pic!)

Check out what I’m wearing (and trying really hard to rate) these days.  It’s the new, sexy Divine Electric kit…straight from Italy…

And sometimes I wear a little extra spunk underneath…

Kits make you look fast, even when you maybe aren’t, they make you feel good about belonging to a club, team, or group and let’s face it, they are fashionable!



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I found myself indulging in a beautifully simple martini at Salito’s Crab House & Prime Rib in Sausalito last night.  The vodka was tasty, the ice made it perfectly crisp, the olives were abundant and stuffed with jalapenos…but the best part about this martini was that it was served in a beautiful vintage-looking glass.  Many times martinis are served in glasses you can put your whole face into, not last night.  These were delicate, perfect, ladylike sized glasses that had just the right amount of “loud mouth soup,” (as my grandfather calls it) in each glass.

I’m crushing on these glasses because I think they would be the perfect addition to my Mad Men bar I just set up.  I’m putting this on my list for flea-ing next Sunday but in the meantime I did a quick Google search and found these glasses at Libbey.  Not as delicate as I’d like but the right size for various types of cocktails and certainly for the ladylike martinis I’m planning on serving Salito’s-style at my next cocktail party!

POST UPDATE…(Updated on 5/7/12)

According to Salito’s :: To Find These Glasses: Try searching for Libbey Glass online. Look for “flute prestige 5 3/4” with the product number 013652.

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I found these vintage shoes above at the Alameda Flea Market last time I went fleaing.  I’m a sucker for anything that blings really, and these just happened to be my size – and the right price.  I feel like they maybe danced a First Dance and were carefully chosen by a pretty fashionable girlie in their past life.  Little did I know when I bought them over a month ago that I was newly in possession of shoe candy that’s super vogue right now.

I recently spied these fancy pants shoes shot by Samuel Lippke Studios .

And, I’ve been crushing on these Miu Miu pumps with a blingy attitude.

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When I think about the list of people I’ve met in my life who have had a huge positive influence on me, I think about Jay Ollero.  I met Jay many years ago in Chicago, on a whim designed by the Universe and choreographed by another dear friend on the list (xoxo Kate!).  The timing was perfect and we became instant, dear friends.  He is a larger-than-life spirit, whose presence fills you with big love instantly.  One of the many beautiful things about Jay is that he is a very talented singer/songwriter.

Yesterday he released his second EP entitled “The Velicata Sessions” which you can find (and buy!) at Reverbnation, soon to be on iTunes too.  He spends countless hours writing and producing music for other talented artists who adore him…these songs are his and they are incredible.

You can find Jay’s first EP entitled “The Black & White Sessions” on iTunes.

Do yourself a favor and crush on this with me today!


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I haven’t seen the latest WTA‘s “What’s in your bag?” but I was thinking about it today when I snapped this photo of my bag full of market finds for dinner tonight.  It’s always so interesting to see what pros have in their tennis bags and when I did a quick Google search just now for “What’s in your bag?” I see that many people have caught on to this concept…fashionistas, foodies, bloggers…

I found a blog that I really like called FY! What’s in your bag?   I like it because it not only has some beautiful and quirky photos of different “bags” but it also shows us what’s inside of them.  Strange how this seems so fascinating, especially if we are spying on someone interesting.  I started to wonder what Rachel Zoe is carrying in her bag today, and what some of my friends pack in their back jersey pocket “bags” when they ride…I think I’ll add this to my list of categories I’ll be posting about.

Today my bag is full of shampoo, lemons, makings for a salad, pasta, sparkling water, sushi, mini canned bubbles and a few of my favorite mags…

What’s in YOUR bag?


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I love this post from le zoe musings about TOMATOES! Perfect timing to go with mine from yesterday!

Each yr we grow our own tomato plants from seeds. This yr, things just got hectic  (thanks to Ms. Zoey!) and before we knew it, gardening season is upon us! So this past weekend, we did the unthinkable and bought some tomato plants. They actually look very promising and I look forward to harvesting them. 

All ready to go!

This is an interesting one. 

Growing too fast!

Have you started your garden and what interesting things are you growing? Please share! 

Til next post, Kellie

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It seems a little early in the season to have the yummy, melt-in-your-mouth red tomatoes I had at Cibo for lunch today but I’m not complaining because red tomatoes are on my short list of very favorite things.

The Cibo Salad above is a daily mix of seasonal vegetables.  Today it was heirloom cucumbers, vine ripe red tomatoes, avocado, spiced almonds and greens…all tossed in a lemon vinaigrette dressing.

Worthy of my crush for the day.


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